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How to get a GSA schedule

Obtaining a Schedules contract is a challenging process for a company of any size. GSA offers substantial help with this process, including free training held online and at GSA regional offices. The link below has several “classes” that may be beneficial for our partners to learn more about becoming a contractor.


The main points I see are below. Anything to add as to why GSA is important to contractors? When and why is this avenue used? Is this the website you mentioned that provides sample SOWS, ROOs and PWS, etc? GSA is a government entity, so it ss not used over small businesses, it’s a faster way to use small businesses sometimes. GSA sets up schedules (a schedule is similar to an IDIQ contract, just through GSA). A GSA schedule is basically a long term agreement between GSA and the contractor on the items/services they will offer and the price for them. GSA is utilized a lot with the GPC program, as you have a higher limit when you order against a GSA schedule for some things. Also, it is sometimes faster to use a GSA schedule for contracts, because they have streamlined approaches to contracting. If you have heard of the OASIS contract, it’s a GSA schedule. So GSA isn’t necessarily used over small business, it’s just a way of contracting that may use only some businesses. Requirements may be solicited on only GSA, and not from everyone. How to Get on Schedule GSA offers many free workshops to vendors on how to obtain a GSA Schedules contract. View this page for details. 10:49 How to get a GSA schedule https//

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